4-Inch Ratchet Straps

4-inch ratchet straps are made to order in the USA using premium polyester webbing and the most durable hardware available.

4-Inch Ratchet Strap With Flat HooksPART NO: 59XX21X-12
4-Inch Ratchet Strap with Chain AnchorsPART NO: 59XX40X-12
4-Inch Ratchet Strap with Wire HooksPART NO: 61XX36Y-12
4-Inch Fixed Ends OnlyPART NO: 4 INCH FIXED ENDS

4-Inch Ratchet Straps With Heavy-Duty Polyester Webbing

4" ratchet strap tie downs are made to order in the USA. These straps are made to whatever length you need in four color options: blue, gray, red, and yellow. The 4-inch ratchet straps feature our heavy-duty 808 ratchet, a beefy, 24,000 lb beast.

Our standard 4" ratchet straps can be made with either flat hooks, wire hooks, or chain anchors. The fixed ratchet end is a standard 12-inches long but can be made to other lengths upon request. The adjustable end can be used as a winch strap

The working load limit for 4-inch ratchet straps with flat hooks or chain ends is 5,400 lbs. If you choose a wire hook, the strap has an astonishing WLL of 6,666 lbs.

Our premium Python™ 4" ratchet straps uses Python™ extreme abrasion-resistant webbing and the strongest end hardware available. These straps have a working load limit of 6,666 lbs. Python™ 4-inch flatbed straps are available in gray or yellow at any length needed.