Kinedyne ratchet straps have been trusted by truckers for many years. As authorized Kinedyne dealers, we sell nearly all their ratchet straps, accessories, and other cargo control products.

Kinedyne 2-inch ratchet straps come in 3 styles: standard gold, K-force, and Rhino Max. The standard has been used for years and is available in many lengths and end hardware options. Kinedyne K-Force is newer and features heavier webbing and hardware, giving these straps a working load limit of 4,000 lbs.

Rhino Max provides the same heavy-duty hardware and working load limit as K-Force but with extreme abrasion-resistant webbing. Rhino Max blends strength with durability to make for one of the best ratchet straps on the market. K-Force and Rhino Max come in standard lengths of 27 ande 30 feet, with flat hooks, wire hooks, or chain anchors.