Salt spreader straps use 2-inch, heavy-duty black polyester webbing and a variety of hardware options. These salt spreader straps are designed to work with nearly any brand of Vbox salt spreaders. These include Blizzard, Boss, Fisher, Meyer, Sno-way, Swenson, Trynex-Snowex, and Western. Our straps are made to order in the USA and can be modified to fit whatever type of spreader you have.

The salt spreader ratchet straps have capacities ranging from 733 lbs to 1,100 lb working load limits per strap assembly. The straps measure six (6) feet long and use heavy-duty ratchets and either S-hooks or wire hooks. The stainless steel salt spreader strap uses #811SS ratchet and stainless steel wire hooks to improve the life of the strap in harsh conditions.

Our salt spreader straps are much less costly than competitor straps yet provide the highest quality when securing your salt spreader.