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Heavy-Duty Winch Straps

Cargo Equipment manufactures winch straps in the USA. Our 3-inch and 4-inch winch straps are highly-trusted for their strength and wear resistance. Whatever length and hardware you need, we can make you heavy-duty winch straps for your flatbed.

We offer in-house winch strap stenciling featuring your company's name, logo, and phone number. Stenciled straps make it easy for you to stand out and recognize your equipment while marketing to your customers at the same time. This personalization sets you apart from the competition and even helps reduce theft.

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WSTDA, DOT, and FMCSA Standards

As a proud member of the Web Sling and Tie Down Association, we follow all standards that WSTDA has set forth. Our winch straps also meet all DOT and FMCSA requirements. Each strap has a sewn-on label with safety warnings and safe working load limit clearly stated.

We are a certified testing facility and all our straps are guaranteed to be safe, strong and durable. Straps should be inspected per WSTDA guidelines and taken out of service immediately if any sort of damage is discovered.

Custom Trailer Winch Straps

Our ready-made winch straps are available off the shelf in common lengths of 27 ft and 30 ft. If you're looking for custom lengths, hardware, and colors we manufacture straps to your specs. Your hardware options include:

  • Flat Hooks
  • Wire Hooks
  • Chain Ends
  • Delta Rings

Our color options include: yellow, blue, red, and gray.