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What is WSTDA? Review of the Web Sling & Tie Down Association

The Web Sling & Tie Down Association is the "largest non-profit, technical organization dedicated to the safe operation of all synthetic web slings and tie downs". Formed in 1973 as the Web Sling Association, WSTDA develops and promotes voluntary standards to the safe construction and usage of webbing, web slings, round slings, tie downs, and chain binders.

WSTDA Mission

Share Ideas - WSTDA aims to provide a formum for information sharing with its members. The technical committee meets twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall. Member representatives as well as non-members are invited to attend and discuss issues facing all aspects of the industry.

Publish Standards - The organization publishes industry standards based on extensive research and testing. The standards provide best practices for everyone involved in the industry and serves as a source of information for "users and enforcement agencies in the proper selection, safe use, care and inspection of synthetic slings, tie downs and related load securement products".

Cooperation & Representation - WSTA works with government agencies and other organizations with interest in the industry. The organization also represents its members before the public and governement agencies.

Research & Testing - In order to produce beneficial standards, WSTDA engages in research and testing with members as well as private and government agencies to better serve the industry.

Standard Publications

WSTDA produces numerous publications which can be downloaded for free in their online store. Many of these standards are set to be revised in 2020. However, actual publication takes much longer as revisions are thoroughly discussed.

StandardCodeCurrent EditionNext Revision Date
Web Sling StandardWSTDA-WS-120152020
Tie Down StandardWSTDA-T-120152020
Load Binders Used with Chain Tie DownsWSTDA-T-620162021
Roundsling StandardWSTDA-RS-120102015 (in progress)
Winches StandardWSTDA-T-320152020
Thread StandardWSTDA-TH-120152020
Synthetic Webbing for SlingsWSTDA-WB-120152020
Synthetic Webbing for Tie DownsWSTDA-T-420172022
High Performance Yarn Roundsling StandardWSTDA-RS-1HP20162021


Cargo Equipment Corporation has long been a member of WSTDA. Our involvement has gone beyond merely membership. Our company president Jeff Iden recently completed his term as WSTDA President. Our sales manager Rob Snyder is current chairman of the Load Securement Technical Committee.

Cargo Equipment fully follows WSTDA standards in our entire manufacturing process of tie downs and lifting slings. We test our webbing and hardware to ensure only quality materials are used and capacities are accurate.

Learn more about WSTDA and consider joining